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Whereas the web browser FireFox? references "HyperWord?" as a plug-in to allow every word on a web page to be interactive, "hyperword" has a different meaning in Acronym Poetics where the meaing relates to the multi-dimensional or multi-level property attributed to an acronym.

For example, the acronym "IS" can be considered on at least 2 levels. The first level is "IS" and the second level could be the spelling (also refered to as a spell-out) "Is So". By elimnating the initial letter of each word of the second level, we get another level (or child of the second level). Thus, the letters "s 0" could become "said over". And, so on to create other grandchildren of the second level. The second level could also have siblings.

By extension of the Acronym Poetics meaning, words other than acronyms can be hyperwords. For example, abbreviations.

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