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Acronym Poetics is the first poetics known to consider acronyms as hyperwords (Hyperword) and articulate language and methods for their creative use as such in poetics.

In Acronym Poetics, the acronym is considered as multi-dimensional poetic material (hyperword). For a simple example, consider the acronym "TOP" has three letters that stand for "Top Of Poles". Let us say ""Top Of Poles" is the first dimension or first level beyond "TOP". Eliminate "T", "O", and "P" (the initial letters of the dimension) and you have "op f oles" as acronym material for the second dimension. So, consider an acronym for each of the second dimension letters (o, p, f, o, l, e, s). For example:

    Old Politics From Our Leather English Shoes

might be the acronyms for the second dimension. Eliminate the intial letters of the current dimension to use the remaining letters for the next dimension and so on. Our curent example can be tree rendered thus:

Another spelling of "TOP" might be "Things Of Pleasure". And, thus the tree:

where "Top Of Poles" and "Things of Pleasure" are on the same level of the tree.

For more information, including use in XML (Extensible Markup Language), see: http://www.poeticwrites.org/tools/AcronymPoetics/Acronym%20Poetics.htm.

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