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PoeticWrites.org is a forward-looking enjoyable non-profit
poetic writes educational organization

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The PQeticWrites Guild

promotes the craft of poetic writes through discussions and workshops.  Although standard writing techniques are presented or discussed, the emphasis is on new techniques and innovative expressions of what poetic writes means and the means to achieve it as well as methods of distribution, promotion and publication.  The guild considers poetic writes as evolving standards encompassing traditional poetry and beyond. Submit a project idea, paper, OR populate the Poetry Wiki.

The PQeticWrites Association

promotes member endeavors to bring poetic writes to the general public through sponsorship of virtual and real events, broadcasts, performances, technologies, and publications. Register as a Community Service Poet or request a CSP to attend your event or help you with a poetic writes related activity (writing, etc.). We charge no fee.

The PQeticWrites Fraternity

promotes the appreciation of individual poetic writes presented. The emphasis is not on "improving" anyone's writing, but rather appreciating the material presented.  That is, the emphasis is on literary critique(interpretation) and not pedestrian criticism.  The esprit is ideation sanctuary.  Welcome to where creations are among friends. Attendance is free and open to the public. Reserve your place.



The PQ etic W rites Foundation

promotes poetic writes through awards, scholarships and publication.

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